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1- The reservation voucher must be presented when collecting the car
2- The following documents are also necessaay: Passport or Id Card, driving licence and a valid credit card. Credit card is required upon arrival, as a guarantee (and a second credit card may be asked as a second guarantee)
Minimum age: 18 years old and at least 1 years as driving licence holder for groups 2-3 . Other groups 25 years old with 2 years experience. From group 4 onwards vehicles must be booked in upon request and must also be reconfirmed. Maximum rental is 30 days.)
Payment conditions: credit card Visa or Marster Card, we do not accept debit card, Diners Club, American Express, Postepay or cash. The cardholder must also be the vehicle‘s main driver.
Our rates include
- Collision Damage Waiver insurance (CDW) WITH EXCES, and theft cover (TP) with excess against damages to the rental vehicle caused by accident or theft, the excess varies according to the category of vehicle between 300 € - 1.000 €, unlimited mileage
- A helmet and a lock.
Our rates do not include:
- Young driver surcharge for drivers under 25 years or who have held a licence for between 1 and 4 years must pay 5 € per day,up to a maximum of 50 euros per rental.
- Additional Driver fees are € 5 per day with a minimum of 25 euros up to a maximum of 70 euros.The cardholder must also be the vehicle‘s main driver, an aplplication must be completed for an additional driver if the cardholder is unable to drive or does not wish to do so.
-Second helmet cost 5 € per day.
-The damage insurance (CDW) does not include damage to tyres, wheel rims,motorcycle seat, wing mirrors, locks, undercarriage, clutch, engine, sump, catalytic, converter and radiator,error fuel tank filler, battery recharge, loss of keys,loss of helmet, loss of lock, towtruck, taxi transfer after accident, deposit for vehicle repalcemetn and compensation for lost rental days while the vehicle is being repaired.
-The return of the vehicle more than 59 minutes over the stated end time of the rental contract will generate a charge of 20 € per day plus an extra amount corresponding to the additional rental days ( with a minimum of 20 € and one day rental charge).
- If the vehicle receives a fine during the rental period, you will be responsible for full payment of the fine as well as a 10 € traffic fine management fee. -Charge for losses triangles 15 €, reflective vest 10 €, helmet 30 €, lock 15 €, keys from 30 € depending car group.
-There is an extra charge for one-way reservations applicable only in bookings with pick up in Ibiza Island with a a cost of 30 €. one way reservations are not passible between offices located in different islands.
- Harbour fee of 20 euros for bookings with pick ups in Ibiza harbour or San Antonio harbour.
-There is an additional local charge of 35 € for all motorcycle collected outside offices opening hours and an additional local charge of 30 € for all vehicles returned outside office opening hours.
Excess liability: CDW
Groups 2-3: 300 € . Groups 4: 600 €. Groups 5-6, 1000 €
FUEL POLICY: All vehicles are delivered with full fuel tank, and must be paid when collecting it, costing between 15 euros and 40 euros depending on the kind of vehicle and it should be returned empty, except rents of 3 days or less, in which case tanks can be filled up and deposit will be returned.
Airport Office Hours (Ibiza-Mallorca -Menorca): 08:00 am to 22:00 pm without charge. Ibiza airport from 01st May 2013 to 31st October 2013 will be opened 24h, Mallorca airport from 20th March 2013 to 31st October will be opened from 07:00 am to 02:00 am, Menorca airport from 01st May 2013 to 31st October 2013 will be open from 07:00 am to 02:00am, Ibiza harbour from 01st May 2013 to 31st October 2013 will be open from 08:30am to 13:00pm and from 16:30pm to 20:00pm, Formentera from 01st May 2013 to 31st October 2013 will be open from 08:30am to 20:00pm.Ibiza coast offices from 01st May 2013 to 31st October 2013 will be open from 08:30am to 13:00pm and from 16:30pm to 20:00pm. There will be an extra fee of 35 euros per rental after hours and one extra charge of 30 euros for return in out of office hours.There will be a charge of 10 euros of return cars at the public parking in the Office Hours.
There will be a charge of 20 euros in bookings of Mallorca and Menorca with return car in Airport Parking out office hours.
The final deadline for processing claims will be 30 days from the signing of the contract. (from the beginning of our services).


The Renter receives the rented vehicle described on the front, whose signature appears in this contract, in perfect working condition, with all its documents, tires, tools, and accessories and is committed to maintain them and drive the vehicle meeting the standards of the Highway Code.
It is expressly prohibited:
For any persons not authorized on the front of this contract to drive the vehicle.
To transport persons or property directly or indirectly involving payment to the Renter.
To push or tow any vehicle or trailer or any object, rolling or not.
To participate in competitive contests or challenges of any kind with the vehicle.
To drive out of Spain, on the islands is prohibited unless transporting the vehicle to the mainland or other islands is expressly authorized by the company.
To sell or pledge this contract, the vehicle, its equipment or tools, or to treat them in any manner which is damaging to the Lessor.
To disregard traffic regulations.
To use the vehicle after completion of the rental period.
Any breach of these conditions shall entitle the Lessor to require the Renter to return the vehicle immediately, without justification or compensation and without any corresponding compensation.
The Renter must be in possession of the appropriate valid driving license issued a minimum of one year prior to the rental. At the same time, the minimum age of the Renter shall be EIGHTEEN years old, which may vary according to the vehicle category, both for motorcycles and motorbikes.
When this requirement is not met, special conditions are considered that may incur an extra charge.
The rental price and the deposit are determined by the current rates and must be prepaid at the time of signing the contract. The Renter may be required to pay a deposit equal to the amount of the assigned vehicle’s excess, to ensure compliance with the general and special terms of the agreement. This amount shall be returned once the rental is finished and after establishing that the vehicle is returned in the same condition it was handed over and that the general and special terms of the contract have been complied with. Because of this it may be necessary to retain the deposit for a maximum of 15 days after the vehicle is returned.
Payment of these rates is required to be made with one or more credit cards always in the name of the driver or owner of the contract. In the case that the Renter wants to keep the vehicle for longer than was initially specified, they must obtain a written authorization from BK Alquiler De Coches S.L., to whom they must remit the appropriate sum, due to the fact that otherwise they may be subject to judicial claim for misappropriation of the vehicle and a breach of trust.
No contract can be extended by telephone or any other means of electronic communication.
In no case may the security deposit be used for an extension of the rental. The Renter must make an additional payment for that extension.
If the contract cannot be extended due to non-availability of vehicles, the Renter must return the vehicle on the date and at time agreed.
The Renter agrees to return the vehicle to the Lessor on the date specified in the lease. Only once the motorcycle or motorbike is returned to the Lessor in the place specified for the rental will the contract be terminated.
The Renter agrees to pay to the Lessor:
The fees for the vehicle rental, delivery and collection, insurance, gas and taxes assessed on the current rates of the Lessor, which have been previously made available to the Renter. The application of the rates originally specified is subject to the fact that the vehicle is returned at the place and time scheduled. The rates may vary depending on the season and the location of the premises. Therefore, before hiring the vehicle the client shall be responsible for verifying the corresponding rates.
The costs corresponding to the loss of documents, tires, tools, accessories and keys, helmets, locks, and accessories.
The cost of repairing any damage caused to the vehicle, in the case of an accident, theft or vandalism, when the following circumstances occur:
1.- If the vehicle was not used in accordance with the established terms.
2.- If an accident report was not duly completed within forty eight hours of the event or if it does not correspond to the reality of the events.
3.- If the corresponding insurance has not been purchased.
4.- If the theft of the vehicle is caused by loss of keys or failure to use anti-theft systems (lock and steering block), the Renter shall pay the Lessor the amount of the vehicle’s current market value based on the maximum price established by the Ganvam directory at the time of the theft.
The fines and court costs caused by traffic violations or the infringement of the laws, regulations, or ordinances by the Renter.
The Renter shall return the rented vehicle with all its documentation, tires, tools, keys, helmets, locks, and accessories in the place and on the date specified on the front of the contract. If they are not returned to the Lessor, the Renter must pay the value thereof.
Any alterations must be previously authorized by the Lessor. Any breach of this condition entitles the Lessor to legally require that the vehicle be returned.
The rental rates include the coverage of compulsory automobile insurance and additional civil liability for damages against third parties arising from the use and circulation of the vehicle.
Only the driver or drivers specifically accepted by BK Alquiler De Coches S.L are considered policyholders.
1.- The Renter and any driver of the vehicle authorized by signing this contract in accordance with Articles no. 1 and 2 above, agree to participate as insured by an insurance policy for motorcycles and motorbikes, whose copy is available to the Renter in the leasing office. This policy covers damages to the third parties in accordance with the current legislation in the country in which the vehicle is registered.
2.- The Renter expresses their agreement with this policy and agrees to read its clauses and terms. They also agree to take all the necessary measures to protect the interests of the Lessor and the Lessor’s insurance company in the case of an accident, for the duration of this contract, and, in particular, agree to: a) Report any accident, theft or fire, even partial, to BK Alquiler De Coches S.L. within forty eight hours, as well as notify the police authorities of any bodily harm and robbery or theft.
b) Note in their statement the circumstances, place, date and time of the accident, the name and address of any witnesses, the name and address of the owner of the other vehicle, its license plate number, insurance company and policy number.
c) Attach to this statement any police, civil guard or court reports, if there are any.
d) Under no circumstances discuss the responsibility or compromise with third parties about the accident.
3.- In the case of an accident, the Renter is in charge of the excess according to the current rates relative to vehicle damage (excess depends on the model). The payment of the excess corresponds to each incident.
4.- The insurance does not cover clothes, bags, and other items in the vehicle.
5.- The insurance extends only to the duration of the rental as specified in the contract. Afterwards, unless there is a specifically accepted renewal, BK Alquiler de Coches S.L claims no responsibility for accidents or damages that the Renter may cause, and they alone are responsible for these.
6.- The insurance does not apply to any driver who is not in a possession of a valid driving licence. When the driver is not in a normal state due to alcohol, drugs, speeding, reckless driving, etc., the Renter and the driver shall be solely and jointly responsible for the damages that BK Alquiler de Coches S.L. may incur.
7.- The damage sustained to the vehicle as a result of uneven or poor road conditions is attributable to the Renter.
8.- The insurance does not cover tires, wheels, locks, mirrors, helmets, padlocks, and keys to the vehicle.
9.- BK Alquiler De Coches S.L declines all responsibility for accidents, with regards to third parties or damage to the vehicle that the Renter may cause throughout the rental period, if inaccurate information is deliberately supplied to BK Alquiler De Coches S.L. concerning their entity, address or the validity of their driving license, and in such a case the insurance will not be valid.
10.- The insurance does not cover the days of immobility of the vehicle until its repair is complete, these being paid by the Renter according to the current rates. 11.- The insurance does not cover the costs of towing and battery charge.
There is an excess for damages to the vehicle produced as a result of an accident, theft, fire or vandalism. Payment of the excess corresponds to each incident.
BK Alquiler de Coches S.L. is not responsible for stolen, forgotten or lost property left inside the vehicle.
In no case may the Renter claim damages for the delay in handing over the vehicle, cancelling the rental or immobilization due to repairs done during the rental. BK Alquiler De Coches S.L shall not be responsible for the personal injuries or property damage caused by manufacturing defects or previous repairs.
The gasoline is handled by the client. They must pay the value of a full tank in advance, which will depend on the market price, the fuel filling service, and the fuel grade recommended by the manufacturer. No refund will be made for fuel that might remain in the tank at the time the vehicle is returned.
The Renter must constantly check oil levels.
If an error is made in filling the vehicle with fuel, the Renter shall bear the costs related to any damages caused.
The Renter or explicitly authorized drivers must respond to criminal offenses committed by them while driving the vehicle, under the Criminal Code, Highway Code and other legal provisions in force.
BK Alquiler de Coches S.L. reserves the right to terminate this contract early, with immediate effect and without any compensation to the Renter, if they receive any information that:
Seriously questions the client´s financial solvency and their ability to meet the costs of this contract and all other obligations contained therein.
Shows that the Renter is breaching the contract with BK Alquiler de Coches S.L. or using the vehicle in an unauthorized manner according to the terms contained in section no. 11.
For the purpose of the terms stipulated in the current regulations on the protection of personal data and services in the information society and electronic commerce, BK Alquiler de Coches S.L. informs you that your personal data shall be incorporated into an automated personal database created under the responsibility of this company, established in Aeropuerto Road km 5.8 07817 San Jordi de Ses Salines, The Balearic Islands, in order to manage the vehicle rental services, as well as to keep you informed of all offers, products, and promotions that may be of interest to you, either by e-mail or any other similar means. In the case of commercial communications by email or similar means, you give your express consent to send you advertisements via these means. This consent may be revoked at any time by sending a written request to the following address: Aeropuerto Road km 5.8 07817 San Jordi de Ses Salines, The Balearic Islands, or by email at customercare@bkrentacar.net.
The privacy policy of BK Alquiler de Coches S.L. is stated in the legal framework established by the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December referring to the Protection of Personal Data.
Finally, we inform you that you can exercise your right to access, modify or cancel by writing to the Customer Service Department at the above address.
Any inquiry, suggestion, claim or complaint may be addressed to BK Alquiler de Coches S.L., Customer Service Department, Aeropuerto Road km 5.8 07817 San Jordi de Ses Salines, The Balearic Islands, Tel.: 902 200 319, or by email at customercare@bkrentacar.net.
This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Spanish Law.
BK Alquiler de Coches S.L. declares its intention to resolve any differences amicably. If this is not possible, any difference arising between the Lessor and the Renter shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the place in which the rental has been initiated.
The translations of these General Terms and Conditions are for convenience only and have no legal binding in all details of their writing, and are valid only in their Spanish version.
There are versions of these General Terms and Conditions in different languages available to the Renter and shall be delivered on their request.
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