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MINIMUM AGE: 21 years old and at least 1 years as driving licence holder for groups A, B, C, . Other groups 25 years old with 2 years experience. Surcharge of young driver: Young driver surcharge for drivers under 25 years or who have held a licence for between 1 and 4 years .
PAYMENT CONDITIONS: credit card Visa or Marster Card, we do not accept debit card, Diners Club, American Express, Postepay or cash. The cardholder must also be the vehicle's main driver.
OUR RATES INCLUDE: VAT; Collision Damage Waiver insurance (CDW) WITH EXCES against damages to the rental vehicle caused by accident, the excess varies according to the category of vehicle between 600 € - 1.200 € and Unlimited mileage.
EXCESS LIABILITY CDW range from 600 - 1200 euros depending on the vehicle group; The damage insurance (CDW) does not include damage to tyres, wheel rims, hubcaps, interior of the vehicle, wing mirrors, rear view miror, car glass, locks, undercarriage, clutch, engine, sump, catalytic, converter and radiator,error fuel tank filler, battery recharge, loss of keys, towtruck, taxi transfer after accident, deposit for vehicle repalcemetn and compensation for lost rental days while the vehicle is being repaired.We offer the possibility to hire a RELAX INSURANCE in our offices that goes from 15 to 30 euros per day depending on franchise category (cover of wheels, rims, tires, body damage, windows and windshield, mirrors, clutch, battery, the lower part of the vehicle (it does not cover the loss of keys or refilling with wrong fuel)). NOTE: If you do not contract the RELAX INSURANCE you must leave a deposit for the value of the insurance excess of the vehicle that will be blocked or charged to your credit card depending on the duration of the rental. For rentals of 5 days or less the excess amount will be blocked from your credit card, for rentals of 6 days or more the amount will be charged on your credit card as a deposit payment.
FUEL POLICY: FULL/EMPTY WITH DEVOLUTION All cars are delivered with a full tank and when picking up the car you must pay for this. The price of fuel will be between 70 and 125 euros depending on the model of the vehicle hired. This price includes the service per refuelling of 25 euros. Take into account that this price could vary between now and the date of delivery. At the end of the rental the proportional part of the quantity of non-used fuel will be refunded excluding the costs of the operation and refuelling.
RETURN OF THE VEHICLE OUTSIDE OFFICE HOURS AND IN OTHER OFFICES: The opening hours of the office at Ibiza Airport (without additional charge) are between 8:00 and 21:00, for pick-ups or returns between 21:01 and 07:59, the client must pay the amount of 39 euros per service outside these hours. All returns must be done at the office, in case of wanting to drop the vehicle in the public parking of the airport outside office hours, this must be requested at the time of picking up the vehicle and pay a supplement of 10 euros plus the supplement of outside office hours. The charge for returning the vehicle in a different office to the pick-up office is of 30 euros. It is not allowed to take the vehicle abroad or to other islands.
EXTRAS: The requested extras in the reservation (such as baby seats, booster seats, additional driver…) are not included in the price of the booking and will be paid extra when picking-up the vehicle. The extra amounts per day are: for baby seats and/or booster seats 6 euros per day, additional driver 6 euros per day, young driver 6 euros per day, GPS 15 euros per day (with a deposit of 50 euros).
OTHER: The booking is not necessarily linked to a specific vehicle (brand-model, colour, equipment, etc.) but to a category of vehicles with similar technical and capacity features. The vehicle is shown in the confirmation voucher could be substituted by a similar vehicle depending on the float available at the local office.
RETURN OF THE VEHICLE OUTSIDE THE AGREED TERM: The return of the vehicle with more than 59 minutes delay over the termination of the rental contract will mean a charge of €100 per day of delay plus the amount corresponding to the additional days according to the applicable regular rates and the category carried by the client will be charged independently from the category that it had been reserved (with a minimum of €100 plus the charge of the regular rates for a day of rental within the same day) and if in the case of no returning the car in less than 24 hours without prior notice, we reserve the option to exercise the necessary legal actions.
EXTENSION OF THE CONTRACT In case of wanting to extend the reservation the client must notify it only and exclusively by email to reservas@choicerentacar.es indicating the number of the contract in the subject section and requesting the extension.
CHARGE DUE TO DIRTINESS When returning the vehicle, if this is too dirty an additional amount between €30-150 will be charged depending on the level of dirt.
LOSS OF THE DOCUMENTATION: An additional amount of €30 will be charged if the documentation is not in the vehicle when it is returned.
FINE MANAGEMENT €30. This additional fee will be charged in case of receiving a traffic fine during its rental, for example speed fines or parking fines. Take into account that this fee does not pay for the amount of the fine.
ACCIDENT MANAGEMENT In case of accident or damage to the vehicle, you must contact CHOICE RENT A CAR, and fill in an accident form for the insurance. Otherwise, the insurance cover is not guaranteed. An additional amount of €30 will be charged for the accident proceedings.

Airport Ibiza Office Hours: 08:00 am to 21:00 pm without charge.
- Ibiza airport from 30st March 2016 to 31st October 2016 will be opened 24h. bookings and returns between 08:00am to 22:00pm will be without charge; bookings and returns between 21:01pm to 07:59am will be an extra charge of out of hours.
- Ibiza harbour from 01st May 2016 to 31st October 2016 will be opened from 08:30am to 13:00pm and from 16:30pm to 20:00pm
- Formentera from 01st May 2015 to 31st October 2015 will be opened from 08:30am to 20:00pm. bookings and returns between 08:30am to 20:00pm will be without charge; bookings and returns between 20:01pm to 08:29am will be an extra charge of out of hours.
- Ibiza coast offices from 01st May 2014 to 31st October 2014 will be opened from 08:30am to 13:00pm and from 16:30pm to 20:00pm. There will be an extra fee of 39 euros per rental after hours and one extra charge of 39 euros for return in out of office hours. IBIZA AIRPORT: There will be a charge of 10 euros of return cars at the public parking in the Office Hours. The final deadline for processing claims will be 30 days from the signing of the contract. (from the beginning of our services).
A) payment on arrival - paid the booking on arrival the price indicated on the product without the extras at the time the contract is
B) pre-paid bookings (by credit card Visa or MasterCard) 5% off web price - it is paid at the time of booking through one of our systems secure (Verified by Visa / MasterCard SecureCode) cancellations of bookings - if the customer notifies more than 7 days in advance will be refunded 100% of the total amount paid at the time of booking - if the customer notifies under 7 days to 4 days in advance will be refunded 50% of the rent - if the ustomer gives notice within 3 days will not be entitled to the refund of the amount paid and is considered like a no show.
All cancellations of prepaid bookings HAVE TO COMMUNICATE IN WRITING with the reference NUMBER REPORTING TO EMAIL reservas@bkrentacar.net, by telephone will not be accepted.


GENERAL RENTAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS – APPENDIX TO THE RENTAL AGREEMENT FOR VEHICLES WITHOUT A DRIVER The following are the general terms and conditions for the rental of vehicles without a driver, being an appendix to the rental agreement for vehicles without a driver, concluded between BK ALQUILER DE COCHES S.L. (hereinafter, “the Lessor”) and the customer (hereinafter, “the Renter”), whose identifying data has been documented on the front of this contract.
The Renter receives the rented vehicle described on the front, in perfect working condition, with all of its documents, tires, tools, and accessories and is committed to maintain them and drive the vehicle while meeting the standards of the Highway Code set forth in the Royal Legislative Decree 33/1990 of 2 March, which approves the articles describine the Traffic Law, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety, as well as any modifications that were approved subsequent to this Royal Decree.
The Renter must be in possession of a valid driving license issued a minimum of TWO YEARS prior to the rental, which is recognized in the country where the vehicle will be hired. At the same time, the Renter must be at least TWENTY TWO years old, a stipulation which may vary according to the vehicle category. When this requirement is not met, special conditions are considered which may incur an extra charge and/or impede the engagement of the services of the Lessor.
All the Renters or authorized additional drivers shall be jointly responsible for all obligations of the Renter and the laws applicable thereto.
The duration of the contract is specified on the front of the agreement, stating the date and time that the vehicle will be handed over to the Renter, as well as when it will be returned. The rental days shall be calculated for periods of twenty four hours starting from the exact hour that the vehicle is handed over to the Renter. The grace period to return the vehicle shall be fifty nine minutes. The lease can have a maximum duration of thirty one days. If the Renter decides to terminate the contract before the date specified in the lease, they shall not have the right to receive a refund of the fees for the days which the vehicle was not used. The rental and deposit rates are determined by the current rates and must be paid in advance at the time the agreement is signed. Payment of these fees must be made with a credit card. The Lessor guarantees to provide the Renter with a vehicle of the booked class, but never a particular model, except for luxury vehicles. In the case that, at the time of booking, the Lessor is not in possession of a vehicle of the requested class, the Renter shall receive a vehicle of a superior class with no increase of the rental rate agreed upon at the time of the reservation. The Lessor shall apply any exemptions, extras, fuel, etc. necessary, according to the vehicle model received.
The Renter is required to return the vehicle on the date and at the time specified in the agreement. If the Renter wants to extend the rental period, they must contact the nearest BK Alquiler de Coches S.L. office to sign the extension. Agreements cannot be extended by telephone or by any other means of electronic communication. In no case may the security deposit be used for an extension of the agreement. The Renter must make an additional payment for the extension. If the agreement cannot be extended due to non-availability of vehicles, the Renter must return the vehicle on the date and at the time specified.
The Renter shall return the rented vehicle in the same condition it was received, along with all documents, tires, tools, and accessories, to the place, on the date, and at the time specified at the time of reservation. The Renter cannot change any technical characteristics or make any changes in the external appearance of the vehicle and/or accessories thereof. Otherwise, the client shall bear the relevant costs in order to restore the vehicle to its original state and of damages caused to the Lessor arising from the refurbishment of the vehicle.
Returning the vehicle on a date and at a time other than those specified in the agreement authorizes BK Alquiler de Coches S.L. to charge a part of the rental rate corresponding to the number of additional days. Returning or abandoning the vehicle in the place other than the place specified in the agreement entitles the Lessor to require: - The amount of the rental fees corresponding to the extra days needed to recover the vehicle and make it available for rent. - A compensation of 30 € per day for the economic damages caused. - The costs of transport/towing, tolls, and guard/custody (if there are any) to the place specified in the agreement for the return thereof. BK Alquiler de Coches S.L. reserves the right to bring corresponding legal action in any case of disappearance or failure to return the vehicle to the competent authorities, with the Renter taking full responsibility for the legislative and legal consequences that may arise because of this action. The unilateral extension of the duration of the contract by part of the Renter shall be considered as an unauthorized use of the vehicle for the purposes of the Renter’s responsibility for any damage to this vehicle.
8.1.- Payment. The client agrees to pay to the Lessor: a. The vehicle rental, delivery and return, insurance, and tax charges at BK Alquiler de Coches S.L.’s current rates, of which the Renter has been previously notified. The application of the rates originally specified is subject to the fact that the vehicle is returned at the place, on the date, and by the scheduled time. The rates may vary depending on the season and the location of the renting office. Therefore, before hiring the vehicle, the client shall be responsible for verifying the rates that will be applied. b. The price of the fuel is provided in this document. 8.1bis.- The Renter agrees that BK Alquiler de Coches S.L. shall make a charge, after the termination of the lease, through an electronic payment system or any other payment system, without their express permission, for the following: a) When, upon return, the vehicle needs an intensive and thorough cleaning due to the state in which it is returned, BK Alquiler de Coches S.L. may charge 75€ for the purpose of SPECIAL CLEANING. b) The charges resulting from the loss, breakage, and theft of documents and car keys, and/or the shipping of the set of keys of the vehicle to the appropriate office, as well as the costs incurred from the immobilization of the vehicle in these cases or any other situation for reasons imputable to the Renter, will be for an amount of up to 350 €, in addition to the amount stipulated for the excess of the rented vehicle. c) The costs of towing the vehicle when necessary. d) The costs related to the loss, deterioration, theft, and damage to rims, tires (including punctures, breaks, and deformations), tools, windshields, locks, mirrors, accessories, interior of the vehicle (including breakage by theft and vandalism). e) The costs related to the use of incorrect fuel and all problems caused by it. f) The price of tolls, fines, penalties, and court costs related to traffic violations or infractions of the law, regulations or ordinances (including congestion charges or limiting traffic should they exist) incurred by the client throughout the duration of this agreement that have been satisfied by the Renter. g) In addition to damages mentioned above, the Renter reserves the right to charge the client for additional costs of processing and communication with the relevant authorities of such acts. h) The costs of repairing the damage caused to the vehicle in the case of an accident, whenever any of the following circumstances occur: - The vehicle was not used in accordance with the conditions established. - The accident report, in the form of a Friendly Accident Statement or of an incident report, has not been completed and submitted to the Lessor within the specified period, or that it does not fit the reality of the events that occurred. - The corresponding extra insurance has not been purchased (see section no. 8). - Damage is caused to the underside, roof, and locks of the vehicle whether by accident, theft or vandalism. The amount of the payment made by the client for the damage caused to the vehicle is calculated taking into account the valuation carried out by an expert cabinet, external to BK Alquiler de Coches S.L., or when this assessment cannot be performed at the time of the return, the amount that results from a preliminary assessment shall be charged by qualified personnel of BK Alquiler de Coches S.L. according to the published price list, whose existence and amounts the Renter states to know and accept. All of the above is of application without damages to any subsequent liquidation and adjustment once a repair estimate completed by a workshop or a valuation performed by an expert cabinet, external to BK Alquiler de Coches S.L. is obtained. The Lessor reserves likewise the power to charge the client by way of compensation for the loss of profits and for the immobilization of the vehicle resulting from the damage. Such compensation shall be calculated by the number of days needed to repair the vehicle established by the expert external to the Renter, or once the repair is done, calculating one day for each eight hours of work invested by the repair shop and using their daily rate as a basis for quantifying the cost, plus 30€ per day provided in the previous clause. The days that the vehicle is immobilized are regarded the same as not returning the vehicle within the specified period. The client´s maximum liability shall be the market value of the vehicle, according to the maximum price set by the Ganvam directory at the time of the accident. 8.2.- FORMS OF PAYMENT.
The credit card that was used to make the booking must be submitted by the owner at the time that the vehicle is handed over. The cardholder is likewise the main driver of the vehicle, and must request an additional driver if they do not want to or cannot drive.
The rental rates include the coverage of compulsory automobile insurance and additional civil liability for damage and damages to third parties arising from the use and circulation of the vehicle. This coverage is guaranteed and is accepted by the insurer from whom the Lessor has purchased the relevant insurance policy and is subject to its general and particular clauses and to the law. Only the driver, or drivers, specifically accepted by BK Alquiler de Coches S.L. through the signature of the lease are insured by the aforementioned policy, whose conditions are available. Similarly, damages to the vehicle produced as a result of collision, theft, fire, accident, or vandalism are covered provided that the following conditions occur: a. That in the case of a collision, the Renter must send the Lessor, within forty eight hours after the incident, full details of the other party and of any witnesses, completing an accident report in the form of a “Friendly Accident Statement” (FAS), detailing the license plate number , the name, address, and telephone number of the other party, the circumstances of the collision, a draft of the accident, and the insurance company name and policy number, all signed by the two drivers involved in the accident; or, in the case of not having it, the “incident report”, which shall be provided by the Lessor. b. That the insurance company does not reject the claim as a result of not driving the vehicle under the physical and mental conditions required by the Code of Circulation (driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, reckless driving, or speeding). c. That the collision, theft, fire, or vandalism damage has not occurred during the course of unauthorized use as according to the terms included in section no. 10. d. That the Renter has let the Lessor know about the collision, theft, fire, or vandalism damage produced in the vehicle within forty eight hours, providing the relevant documentation (accident report, complaint to the authorities, etc.). e. That the Renter makes the payment corresponding to the excess according to current rates relative to vehicle damage (excess depends on the model). The payment of the excess corresponds to each incident, unless the insurance to void the excess (very safe) is purchased. Notwithstanding the terms above, the following are EXPRESSLY EXCLUDED FROM THE WARRANTY OF INSURANCE: a. Damages to tires, wheels, locks, vehicle interior, exterior and interior mirrors, windows, and undercarriage. b. Punctures and breakage and/or deformation of tires. c. Damage caused to the clutch. d. Days of immobilizing the vehicle until it is repaired. e. Costs of towing. f. Battery chargin These exclusions may be fully or partially covered by purchasing a special insurance obtained by paying an additional amount. The coverage, or guarantees, of this additional insurance shall be valid only if the client meets the previously established conditions for damages to the vehicle. 9Bis.- There is a excess for damage to the vehicle produced as a result of an accident, theft, fire or vandalism, the amount of which is determined by its model and current rates. There is the possibility of voiding the excess mentioned by purchasing an additional insurance policy.
In the case of an accident, the client is committed to: a. Obtain and send to the Lessor, within forty eight hours of the incident, an incident report accurately completing the FAS (Friendly Accident Statement) form or incident report. b. Immediately notify the authorities if the other party’s guilt must be investigated or if there are any people injured. c. Not leave the rented vehicle without taking adequate measures to protect it. In the case of vandalism, fire, theft, or disappearance of the vehicle, the client agrees to inform the Lessor immediately about the damage sustained and present the corresponding report to the relevant authorities; a copy of this must also be sent promptly to BK Alquiler de Coches S.L.
It shall be the obligation of the Renter to use the vehicle with the due diligence, according to its characteristics, respecting the regulations of motor vehicle traffic in effect and avoiding, in any case, any situation that may cause damage to the vehicle or third parties. Also, it is the duty of the Renter to not allow any person other than those authorized under this agreement to drive the vehicle, as it is the Renter who is directly responsible for any damages caused to the vehicle or third parties. Any case that breaches the terms established in these paragraphs shall be construed as unauthorized use. The Renter shall fully respond to any damages to the interior or exterior parts of the vehicle caused by an unauthorized use thereof, in which case, the Renter is required to cover all costs incurred in accordance with the terms stated in section no. 8. In the case of claim by judicial means, the Renter shall cover all costs of such proceedings, lawyers, attorneys, and fees although their procedural intervention is not mandatory. The unauthorized use includes, and is not limited to, the following cases, cited by way of example: - Pushing or towing any other vehicle. - Circulating in places that are not suitable for public transport, such as beaches, car circuits, forest tracks, local tracks, etc. - Circulating on unpaved roads or paved ones that have serious deficiencies that could result in damage to the undercarriage of the vehicle. - Driving the vehicle in restricted areas, including airport runways and other aviation routes associated with aeronautical and/or military use. - Disregarding pilot lights or warning signs that may appear on the dashboard of the rented vehicle, of which the customer claims to be aware by signing this agreement. - Transporting goods or animals and especially hazardous substances, which are flammable and/or harmful to the vehicle and its occupants. - Transporting persons or property directly or indirectly involving payment to the customer. It is absolutely forbidden to use the vehicle for the illegal activity of taxi or similar. - Subleasing the vehicle. - Using the vehicle in any activity which is in violation of the law. - Transporting a number of persons or amount of baggage exceeding that which is authorized for the vehicle. - Any manipulation or intervention in the odometer. Malfunction of the device must be reported immediately to the Lessor. - Transporting luggage or any other item on the roof of the vehicle, even if using a suitable device. - Leaving valuable objects in sight inside the vehicle, at the risk of being stolen with consequent damage to the vehicle. - Soiling the interior of the vehicle to a greater extent than that defined as a reasonable and careful use. - Driving the vehicle in a state of fatigue, illness, or under the influence of alcohol, medicine or drugs. - Reckless driving. - Using the vehicle under any circumstances for learning to drive and/or teaching any particular skill at the wheel. - Disregarding traffic regulations. - Allowing the rented vehicle to be driven by a person who has not been authorized in the agreement, whether it be by the Renter and/or the additional driver. - Driving the vehicle off the island where it has been hired and handed over, unless expressly authorized by the company (only for national territory) and only when a special insurance has been purchased. - Using the vehicle after the completion of the rental period.
By the terms agreed here, the fuel procurement policy of the leased vehicle is made known to the Renter, who must opt for one of the following options at the time of hiring the vehicle, in consideration of their needs and economic interests: a. OFFER FULL/EMPTY
If the Renter chooses this option, they must pay the value of a full tank, at the time the vehicle is handed over on the BK Alquiler de Coches S.L. premises, which shall be calculated depending on the market price, the fuel filling service, and the fuel grade recommended by the manufacturer. By choosing this alternative, the Renter acknowledges the resignation of any possible reimbursement for fuel remaining in the tank when the vehicle is returned. Also, it is noted that this offer has been made by BK Alquiler de Coches S.L. in response to the interests of the Lessor in order to provide a service tailored to the Renter’s needs as far as the operation of the service (for their convenience and ease) and the total price are concerned. b. OFFER FULL/FULL (Only for rentals of 3 days or less).
If the Renter chooses this option, they must pay, at the time the vehicle is handed over on the BK Alquiler de Coches S.L. premises, the value of a full tank, which shall be determined depending on the market price, the fuel filling service, and the fuel grade recommended by the manufacturer. In the case that the client chooses this option, they must return the vehicle´s fuel tank filled. In the case that it is not full at the time the vehicle is returned, the amount of fuel left in the vehicle’s tank at the time it is returned to the Lessor shall be compensated, according to the indications of the tank level shown on the fuel gage of the vehicle. The choice of this offer shall only apply to the rental of vehicles for up to a maximum of three days. If the Renter were to extend their possession of the vehicle past the three day maximum, the FULL/EMPTY option would be automatically applied.
BK Alquiler de Coches S.L. is not responsible for stolen, forgotten or lost property inside the vehicle.
14. DEPOSIT. At the time of signing the contract, the Renter may be required to pay a deposit equal to the amount of the assigned vehicle’s excess, to ensure compliance with the general and special terms of the agreement. This amount shall be returned once the agreement is terminated and after establishing that the vehicle is returned in the same condition as it was handed over and that the general and special terms of the agreement have been complied with. For this reason, it may be necessary to retain the deposit for a maximum of 15 days after the vehicle is returned.
15. REQUIRED RETENTION DEVICE APPROVED FOR CHILDREN. In the case that the vehicle is used to transport children under twelve years or older but who do not exceed the height of 135 centimeters, the Renter must inform the Lessor about this so that, upon payment of the appropriate rental fee and without installation in the vehicle, they may provide the corresponding retention device, required and approved according to the weight and size of the child or person to use it. Its installation shall always be the responsibility of the Renter.
BK Alquiler de Coches S.L. reserves the right to terminate this agreemant early, with immediate effect and without any compensation to the Renter, if they receive any information that: - Serious questions the client´s financial solvency and their ability to meet the costs of this contract and all other obligations contained therein. - Shows that the Renter is breaching the contract with BK Alquiler de Coches S.L. or using the vehicle in an unauthorized manner, according to the terms contained in section no. 11.
For the purpose of the terms stipulated in the current regulations on the protection of personal data and services in the information society and electronic commerce, BK Alquiler de Coches S.L. informs you that your personal data shall be incorporated into an automated personal database created under the responsibility of this company, established in Aeropuerto Road km 5.8 07817 San Jordi de Ses Salines, The Balearic Islands, in order to manage the vehicle rental services, as well as to keep you informed of all offers, products, and promotions that may be of interest to you, either by e-mail or any other similar means. In the case of commercial communications by email or similar means, you give your express consent to send you advertisements via these means. This consent may be revoked at any time by sending a written request to the following address: Aeropuerto Road km 5.8 07817 San Jordi de Ses Salines, The Balearic Islands, or by email at customercare@bkrentacar.net. The privacy policy of BK Alquiler de Coches S.L. is stated in the legal framework established by the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December referring to the Protection of Personal Data. Finally, we inform you that you can exercise your right to access, modify or cancel by writing to the Customer Service Department at the above address.
Any inquiry, suggestion, claim or complaint may be addressed to BK Alquiler de Coches S.L., Customer Service Department, Aeropuerto Road km 5.8 07817 San Jordi de Ses Salines, The Balearic Islands, Tel.: 902 200 319, or by email at customercare@bkrentacar.net.
This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Spanish Law. BK Alquiler de Coches S.L. declares its intention to resolve any differences amicably. If this is not possible, any difference arising between the Lessor and the Renter shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the place in which the rental has been initiated.
The translations of these General Terms and Conditions are for convenience only and have no legal binding in all details of their writing, and are valid only in their Spanish version. There are versions of these General Terms and Conditions in different languages available to the Renter and shall be delivered on their request. Signed:
902 200 319 - info@bkrentacar.net
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